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Last week results were not the best, but Ned was above .500 for the 3rd week in a row. TB ended up being a terrible pick last week, but that won't stop us from all taking them again this week. Enjoy!

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Overall, we were 12-3 on our picks, 9-3 in unique picks, with Jason and Ned both going 5-0 last week. We go through all the games this week and we all like TB +6 to turn things around. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines.

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The dogs had their day in week 1 and there are quite a few dogs we like in week 2. Listen up as we discuss all the games and make our 5 picks. Also, follow us on twitter @InTheLines

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We're back to talk about every week 1 game. Spoiler alert: we all like BUF.

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Better late than never! We spend a whole fucking hour talking about one game! We make the case for both sides and then we dive deep into the prop bets. Jason has some special insight into the National Anthem O/U and we have a few opinions on some other stupid stuff. It's been a good NFL season, I hope you stick around for next year.

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The conference championships are here and so are we. The public loves the dogs but we're not so sure about them. We eventually get to this weeks games after some movie talk.

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Whether you like it or not, we're back to talk about all the divisional round games this week. We agreed on almost every game, so if you agree with us, you'll love the show. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines

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