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Ned scores the first 5-0 week of the year, but it was a bad week for contrarians and Jason goes 1-4. We talk about all the week 12 games and High Pitch Carl calls in to tell us he has lost all faith in the Rams, but we disagee and think the Cardinals have no business being a favorite vs any team. Talk to us on twitter @InTheLines. Happy Thanksgiving!

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The last 2 weeks have not been good as we go 6-9 last week on our picks, no thanks to Ned's 1-4 week. This week we talk about money management, then we disect all the week 11 games. We don't always agree, but we all feel the PIT line is a little unfair and like taking them here. Let us know what you think on twitter @InTheLines

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A bad week for Vegas, as favorites go 9-4, but Pat is on a hot streak with his second 4-1 week in a row. All togther, we were 7-8 on the week. Not bad, but we can do better. We talk about each and every week 10 game, and High Pitch Carl calls in with his latest Greg the Leg report. Follow us on twitter @inthelines for more picks and random betting info.

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We're back again for another week of breaking down NFL lines, this time the Week 9 edition. Last week we went 8-4 in our unique picks and Jason remains at 60% while Pat is inching towards 50%. We talk a little about baseball and Pat can't stop smiling about how good the Broncos look. Talk to us on twitter @InTheLines.

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It was a bad week last week for our picks, but we aren't going to hide from them. We're back to talk about week 8 games and our friend Ned stopped in to give us another perspective and his Hilton picks. On the year, Jason is 60% in his Hilton picks, while Pat is at 40%. We also discuss betting on the Presidential Race and where to find the best deal. Have a listen and talk to us on Twitter @InTheLines.

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We are back to break down all the games coming up in Week 7, and talk a little about the week that was, including Pat's terrible 0-5 week. Jason is now 20-10 on the year, while Pat is 11-17-2. Let us know what you think on twitter @InTheLines.

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We attempt to break down all the Week 6 games and get a special guest caller who is a huge Greg Zuerlein fan. Both our picks went 4-1 last week, so Jason keeps rolling with a 16-9 record, while Pat is an almost respectable 11-12-2. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines for more picks and fantasy info.

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Pat is back in studio and we talk a little bit about baseball, discuss how you should approach betting on the NFL, and then give our opinions on the upcoming games. We both went 2-3 last week which leaves Jason at 60% and Pat at 40% on the year. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines

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We use the power of techonology and Pat is able to call in from an undisclosed location. We make our picks for Week 4, where Jason is rolling along at 10-5, but Pat is struggling. Cousin Mike shows up to give us his terrible opinions on things as we discuss the week that was. Follow us @InTheLines.

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We talk a little about Steve Sabol, the replacement refs, then a whole bunch of talk about week 2 and how Jason really, really hates Vick and the Eagles. The dogs had some opinions too, but they don't speak English. Follow us @InTheLines

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