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If you're looking for prolonged inane babble about the Super Bowl, you've come to the right place! Listen as we talk about the game, who will win and how they'll win, and random props. Also, Pat died.

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There being only 2 games isn't going to stop us from rambling on for 30 minutes. We all like the Falcons in the NFC, but we're mixed on the AFC game. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines for more stupid stuff

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The gang is back again to ramble on and on about the 4 games this week. One side we all agree on is HOU +15. Hopefully you learn something!

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It wasn't a pretty regular season for us, but that's not going to stop us from thinking we know what we're talking about. We talk a lot about each of the four playoff games, and one side we all agree on is OAK +3.5.

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