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Better late than never! We're here to talk about all the Sunday games in week 15 and we all agree with one of the super contest consensus picks BAL -5.5

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You know we tend to gravitate towards the home dogs with little public support and week 14 provides several enticing options. One side we all like is Cleveland +5. Thanks for listening!

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We're back after another week off to talk about all the week 13 games. Ned was not here to provide balance, so we ended up agreeing on several picks. One pick we both really like is Buffalo +3. RIP Ned.

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Another week, another shit show! We talk about all the week 11 games including our favorite pick of the week Baltimore +7.5.

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We break down all the week 10 games and we're all pretty excited about taking Philly this week.

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We're back after our bye week to talk about all the week 9 games. We find out that Ned has the hots for Mariota and the Titans but we all like the Chargers -4.5

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It only took 6 weeks, but we finally had a week where all of us finished above 50%. We talk about all the week 7 games and we all agree that Houston +7.5 is good pick even though Osweiler is a douche.

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If you listen to us often, you know we tend to gravitate towards the bad teams. We're looking for potential value where the market is overreacting a team's recent poor performance and for that reason, our pick this week is MIA +7.5. Listen to us breakdown all the Week 6 games and follow us on twitter @InTheLines.

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We tend to like the contrarian positions each week and this week provides several including our favorite: CLE +10.5. Listen up and follow us on twitter @InTheLines.

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We break down all the week 4 games and we all like NYJ and OAK. Pat has a flashback to the 1970 NFC Championship game and things get uncomfortable when Ned gets racist when talking about Tampa.

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We have a rich history of liking Tampa at the wrong time, and guess what, we all like them this week at -5. We also like Chicago getting 7.5 on Sunday Night. Listen to us talk about these games and all the rest of the week 3 games. Also, follow us on twitter @InTheLines

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Not a great week last week, but we're back to redeem ourselves in week 2! We discuss all of the games and Ned tells us about his new astrologist that's making picks for him. One of our favorites is Cincy +3.5.

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The gang is all here again to talk about all the week 1 games. There are a few games we all agreed on, and one in particular we all like is WAS +3. Follow us on Twitter at @InTheLines for random crap we find interesting.

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We argue for the Broncos and we argue for Panthers but, in the end, we all like Denver +5.5. We mention some prop bets we like, discuss the fate of the losing puppies in the puppy bowl, and we also talk a little Oscar odds.

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We argue both sides of both games and we all like DEN +3.

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We start off talking about why billionaires are assholes and then we get into football. We talk about all the divisional round games and make the case for each side. We all agree on SEA +2.5.

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We try to argue both sides of every game in the wild card round and MIN +5 is our favorite pick of the week. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines

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