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We were all 3-2 last week and we try to keep the good times rolling in Week 15. We break down all the games and we all like NYG +5.5

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We're back to talk about all the week 14 games and our favorite pick is WAS.

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We talk about all the week 13 games and we all like ATL and NYG. Season records: Ned 32-24-4, Pat 30-28-2, Jason 29-31. Follow on twitter @InTheLines

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The dogs were barking last week, which led to a great week for our picks. Upsets and QB changes could make for some good opportunities for this week. Listen up to see who we like and follow us @InTheLines

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Contrarians had a good week last week. Let's see if it continues in week 10.

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We finally were all above .500 for our picks and we try to keep the momentum going for week 9. We discuss all the games and agree on a few, but we all really like CHI +4.

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We're back again to talk about all the week 8 games and we all like the home dog CLE +5. Out of 35 picks, the standings are: Ned 19, Pat 15.5, Jason 14.

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We didn't agree on much this week, but we all like the Jags in England. A lot of line movement already this week and more QB injuries up in the air that could provide for some good stale lines in the super contest. 

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If you like home dogs, this is the week for you! We discuss all the week 6 games, which includes 6 home dogs, and give you our 5 picks. We all like the first home dog of the week, Saints +3.5.

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We're here to talk about all the week 5 games and we all like WAS +7.5. Out of 20 games, Jason & Pat have 9 wins and Ned has 8.5.

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