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We were all 3-2 last week and we try to keep the good times rolling in Week 15. We break down all the games and we all like NYG +5.5

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We're back to talk about all the week 14 games and our favorite pick is WAS.

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We talk about all the week 13 games and we all like ATL and NYG. Season records: Ned 32-24-4, Pat 30-28-2, Jason 29-31. Follow on twitter @InTheLines

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The dogs were barking last week, which led to a great week for our picks. Upsets and QB changes could make for some good opportunities for this week. Listen up to see who we like and follow us @InTheLines

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Contrarians had a good week last week. Let's see if it continues in week 10.

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We finally were all above .500 for our picks and we try to keep the momentum going for week 9. We discuss all the games and agree on a few, but we all really like CHI +4.

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We're back again to talk about all the week 8 games and we all like the home dog CLE +5. Out of 35 picks, the standings are: Ned 19, Pat 15.5, Jason 14.

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We didn't agree on much this week, but we all like the Jags in England. A lot of line movement already this week and more QB injuries up in the air that could provide for some good stale lines in the super contest. 

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If you like home dogs, this is the week for you! We discuss all the week 6 games, which includes 6 home dogs, and give you our 5 picks. We all like the first home dog of the week, Saints +3.5.

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We're here to talk about all the week 5 games and we all like WAS +7.5. Out of 20 games, Jason & Pat have 9 wins and Ned has 8.5.

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We're back after a bad week to give you more bad picks. There are several games we all like, including the whole state of Florida: JAX, TB, and MIA. Picks standings are: Ned 8-7, Pat 7-8, Jason 6-9.

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We talk about all the week 3 games and we all think DAL +2 might be a good opportunity. After two weeks: Ned is 7-3, Jason is 5-5, and Pat is 4-6.

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Week 2 is here and so are we! The public is all over several road favorites, so we like CHI, CLE, and WAS. Listen up

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We talk about all the week 1 games and where we lean and two sides we all agree on are the Bills and Jaguars. We briefly talk about survivor and how Jets might make sense in larger pools.

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We're back for the 2015 season! We talk about each division and which teams we like in the futures markets.

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We make the case for both sides in the super bowl, discuss our favorite player props, and then a little Oscar talk.

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We break down both games and try to make a case for each team. Stay tuned to the end for bonus A10 CBB picks! Follow us on twitter @InTheLines

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Took a little time off, but we're back just in time to talk about all the Divisional Round playoff games. Jason and Pat like DEN as their favorite pick while Ned is on SEA.

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