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Not a great week last week as we collectively go 6-9, but we keep on chugging. Listen as we break down all the week 16 games in our last show of the season. We didn't agree on much, but we all really like TB. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines.

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Another great week for us, as we collectively go 11-4 with our picks (8-3 on unique picks). Lots of home dogs to choose from this week and we all like TB and OAK. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines.

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We've recovered from our turkey comas and are back to talk about all the week 14 games. Only 3 home dogs this week and we all like 2 of them: WAS and CHI. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines.

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Jason Spann, Cleveland Pat, and Ned Bundy break down the week 13 games.

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Pretty good week for our picks as none of us finished below .500 as the home dogs performed well yet again. Listen up as we talk about all the week 12 games and we all like SD +4 this week @ KC. This week also features a Faces of Death reference. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines

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Our most successful week last week, as Ned & Pat go 4-1 while Jason goes 3-2. We break down all the week 11 games with some tempting home dogs, including TEN tonight, MIA, and TB. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines.

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Early version of the show this week, and we're here to talk about all the week 10 games. We all agree that GB provides a good opportunity to get value on an overreaction and like CAR as well. Listen up and follow us @InTheLines

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We're back to make sweet love to your ears. Lots of tempting home dogs this week and we all think BUF & HOU are good picks this week. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines

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We took our own bye week and are back to break down all the games coming up. We all like TB getting points at home and are tempted by the double digit home dogs MIN and STL. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines for more random info.

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Last week, the home dogs had a good showing which helped Jason to our first 5-0 week. This week two home dogs stick out that we all like: BAL and SD. Listen as we break down all the week 6 games despite a few technical problems.

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This week we start off discussing bet amounts and why not to vary your bet size by that much. Then we move on to talk about all the games for Week 5 and we all like NYJ +10. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines

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We're back to break down all the week 4 games and give you our 5 picks. Jason and Pat are hitting 60% while Ned is having a rough start at 30%. It's been good business fading the public so far, and there are good opportunities again this week including DET -3.

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After 2 weeks, Jason and Pat are each 6-4 on their picks while Ned is 3-6-1. In this episode, we talk about all the week 3 games coming up and we all agree that CIN and OAK both look like good picks. Have a listen and find out what our official picks are at the end. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines

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Last week Pat & Jason went 3-2 in their picks, but Ned was 1-3-1. We go through all the games for week 2 and think it's a good time to take advantage of low public sentiment and take JAX +6. We also throw in a Human Centipede reference. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines.

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We talk about all the week 1 games and what sides we like. The Jets should not be overlooked and we all agree that GB getting points is a good thing. We make our five fake Super Contest picks and talk a little survivor. Let us know what you think on twitter at @InTheLines

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Hello again! Remember us? In this episode we talk about what teams we like for NFL Futures picks and throw out some names we're looking at for our fantasy drafts. Follow us @InTheLines

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We're finally back! Baseball is almost here and March Madness is in full gear. In baseball, we talk about some of the win totals O/U we like and some teams to target for WS futures. We then get into March Madness and who are some teams to watch and teams to avoid in your bracket pool. Follow us on twitter @InTheLines.

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We're back to talk about the Super Bowl and all the prop bets. How long will the anthem last? Will there be a Beyonce nip slip? All these important questions are discussed. We finish it up with a little talk about the Oscars and who the favorites are as a cross promotion with our new sister podcast: Obnoxious Podcast. As always, follow us on twitter @InTheLines.

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This week we look back on the year that was and how our picks did. We then discuss a little playoff survivor strategy, and how you really need to know how the rest of your pool tends to pick. We then break down each of the 4 games, with Jason declaring that HOU +9.5 is the best bet of the week. Let us know your thoughts on twitter @InTheLines

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